Woodley Village Hall is a popular and busy community venue for dance and theatre, exercise and fitness, education, meetings, parties, and many other events. Over the past few years, its facilities have been improved, it is financially secure and its future looks bright. But much of this will count for nothing if volunteers cannot be found to help run it. Unfortunately, this year, in short order the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Management Committee have had to resign due to ill-health, and other long serving committee members are due to retire or are moving away from the Romsey area. The present committee members have tries to find new volunteers to take on their roles, but have had no success so far. If the Hall cannot attract new volunteers to run it, then, legally as a registered charity and practically, it cannot continue to function and will have to close. This will be disruptive to many of the regular users and to those who have booked rooms for events in the coming months The Committee has oversight over the management, safety and finances of the Hall, but does not become involved in running particular events.

Any one prepared to help please in the first instance contact the Volunteer Centre on 0330 400 4116 option 3 or email [email protected]

The reward would be to be involved in a very valuable community facility that is really moving forward, with the chance to improve and shape it to meet the challenges of the future.