Streets is project engaging hard to reach young people aged 14 – 25.  Streets is designed to improve young people’s life skills, increasing their chances of a successful transition to adult life. It addresses the major challenges that all young people face - finding employment, education/training, accommodation, positive relationships, healthy living – but is focused on those who, for various reasons, find it harder than most.

‘Further up the Street’ 

This is a partnership project with the Army Welfare Service and is aimed at engaging hard to reach young people including a mixture of young people from both army and civilian families. Some of these young people are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and are often the hardest to engage with the greatest need. This project brings together young people from Army and civilian communities to help them address challenges that they have in common.The project works towards these objectives:  1) Increase employability of young people.  2) Reduce social exclusion and discrimination by removing barriers to participation and achievement  3) Providing opportunities to learn in a safe, inclusive environment where young people can experience success and make positive contributions  4) Improve well-being through engagement in a wide range of activities  5) Raise aspirations and goals  6) Positive role modelling and maintaining positive relationships which can be transferred to other areas in their lives