Four buses in three years!

Test Valley Community Services (TVCS) used the unveiling of the fourth new bus to join their fleet of vehicles in three years; to say thank you with a bouquet of flowers, to Mrs. Sheila Green, a volunteer from the Weyhill Seniors Club. Sheila has been running the club for over 50.  She has been booking the transport for the club on a weekly basis since September 2009. 

Mrs Green said “We are all thrilled because over 30 of our members are able to get to our club, members who wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.  We are thankful for the service and as for the volunteer drivers…..there is nothing like our drivers!!  We can’t do without those buses and TVCS.”

TVCS Chairman Dorothy Baverstock commented, ‘We are thrilled to have received funding from the Department of Transport for this new bus which will be used to reach rural communities and we are even more delighted to be able to congratulate Mrs. Green on the time she has tirelessly given to Weyhill Seniors who are one of our most regular customers’

The new bus will join the established fleet of 10 buses providing a range of community transport services for the most vulnerable in the Borough.