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A school is more than the building; it is the teachers and staff who work there, the students who attend and the parents of these students. At Mountbatten, it is also the relationship between these groups and how they work together. It's also the air of purpose, success, enjoyment and pride that permeates our school. Mountbatten has a buzz that you will notice and recognise when you visit us. It is the smiles on the faces of students and staff; proud to work here, proud to study here, proud to work together as part of something truly special. This is the M-Factor and this is our school. Students are encouraged to apply and extend what is learnt in the normal curriculum to an extensive range of extra curricular activities. The Mountbatten Community Programme covers an appealing range of adult and junior classes. We are home to the Lantern Theatre and Studios and can accommodate all types of music and arts activities in our performance and rehearsal studios. We also have excellent sport and leisure facilities on site.