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The church is dedicated to Saint Leonard, a sixth century chief of the Franks. He is the patron saint of prisoners. The first church on the present site was built between 1854 and 1858. The current church was built by Lady Louisa Caroline Ashburton in memory of her daughter Mary Florence, who died in 1902. Its red bricks are from the former brickyard at Dunwood Manor and the nearby Cowesfield kilns. Mr. Fred Bath, an architect from Salisbury, designed it in a 15th century style. The church has a ring of eight tower bells, famous for their superb sound. These may best be heard on the second Tuesday, when a full team of ringers may be performing. There are some fine art nouveau style stained glass windows, the old village stocks, a 13th century coffin and old carvings. The well-designed brochure of the history of the church is a useful source of information during a visit. For ALL Church matters, including christenings, weddings and funerals, please first contact The Rector