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E-Mail: [email protected]

Run by local parents, we offer support, information and friendship to new parents and parents-to-be in the Romsey area. Romsey NCT tea groups are designed for small groups of new mums with similar age babies. The mums meet regularly to share their experiences and provide support to each other. Many groups form strong friendships which can last many years. The tea groups usually meet weekly at each other's houses for tea, biscuits and a chat. We hold Antenatal classes; Regular newsletter; Local breastfeeding counsellor. Branch library of books about pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Experiences register - a way of contacting other people who have had similar experiences (eg still birth, multiple births, difficult labours etc) for an informal chat and support. Nearly New Sales - a great way to purchase good quality clothes and equipment and also sell the stuff you no longer need in April and October.