Telephone: 01264 386836
E-Mail: [email protected]

ABKA is a thriving association of amateur beekeepers looking after the interests of existing members and newcomers to beekeeping in the Andover area (Map of Andover and District territory). Our principle aim is to promote the art of beekeeping and to encourage good beekeeping practice in the Andover locality. We are one of the many associations that make up the larger body of the British Beekeepers Association and our association is one of the many that make up the Hampshire Beekeepers Association. We meet every month to exchange information and keep abreast of issues relating to beekeeping as well as simply to socialise. Topics we cover include bee health, beekeeping techniques and theories, bee products, advice and access to BBKA training modules as well as practical apiary visits. Bee keeping displays are given at shows, fetes etc.