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We are a specialist scout group, and like all scout groups, we cater for budding adventurists from the age of 6-14, from Beaver Scouts, to Cubs and then onto Scouts. However, when you finish the Cubs, you will enter the Air Scouts, a much more exclusive part of the Scouts. Air Scouts do all the same activities as 'Land' Scouts, but with an aviation twist. For instance, we normally go on an annual Summer Camp, which lasts one week and features all the same activities as normal, but earlier in the year, we go on a camp called Popham Air Weekend, which lasts, as you may guess, the weekend, and means 'working' on a live airfield, where the patrolling of the stalls and the aircraft parking fee collection is done by Air Scouts (Of course, at this camp there are many adults on hand as well!) We are situated opposite the Andover Leisure Centre. The Scout part of our group is a specialist Air Scout group, which is the perfect starting point for those interested in aviation, however this doesn't mean we don't do normal Scout activities! We normally have 2-3 Scout camps per year.