Name of Event *: Lee Nelson
Date *: 24/05/2018
Start Time *: 7:30PM
End Time: *: Unknown
Event Type *: Stand Up Comedy
Location Address *: The Lights West Street Andover SP10 1AH 
Description *: Due to huge demand, and over-priced lawyers, Lee is extending his smash-hit tour for a second time, adding a final 30 dates to his huge 150-show run. You’ve seen him sneaking into places he shouldn’t be, now come and see him where he most definitely should be: live on stage with his sensational Serious Joker tour. “In this sort of form Nelson is irresistible… there arent many better comedians to turn to” The Telegraph “Comedy legend” The Sun “Unfunny pillock” Damien Green* Deputy Prime Minister “You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself” Sepp Blatter** FIFA President *Green has since been sacked after a computer porn cover up. Who’s the pillock now? **Blatter has since been sacked after a massive corruption scandal. Whos ashamed now? 
Contact Name *: The Lights Box Office
Contact Phone Number *: 01264 368368
Email Address *: [email protected]
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